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Home School Agreement

The Home school agreement outlines the responsibilities and expectations for all members of the school community (staff, parents and children), with the notion of partnership and working together to achieve the best for children at Avonmore.

The school’s responsibilities

The school is responsible for providing a broad and balanced curriculum that develops a range of personal and social skills, that promotes independent and co-operative learning and that develops a wide range of intellectual and physical skills. The school is also responsible for delivering a wider curriculum that fosters an awareness of spiritual, social, moral and cultural development including citizenship. We aim to develop an appreciation of imagination and the wonder of life.

The school is also responsible for communicating with parents through making available:

  • end of term newsletters
  • information about school trips
  • sending home a curriculum bulletin
  • your child’s report
  • informal feedback about children from teachers before and after school at a time when the teacher is able to talk to parents
  • information about the curriculum
  • information about supporting your child’s reading
  • letters home about any important issues, as they arise
  • holding parents’ evenings
  • up-to-date information via the school website

The Parental Responsibilities

We believe that parental support and encouragement are important factors in raising children’s achievement.

For your child to get the most benefit from their time in school and in order to establish good habits and routines parents can help in the following ways:

ensuring that their children are regular attendees, as children who are absent from school regularly miss covering areas of the curriculum and often fall behind in their work.

  • ensuring that children are punctual. Children who are regularly late find it hard to settle for the rest of the school day
  • collecting their children promptly at 3.30pm or 4:30 after clubs
  • making sure that children are not too tired to concentrate
  • ensuring that the child has the right equipment for that day, e.g. book bag
  • phoning, e-mailing or sending a letter if children are ill
  • organising holidays during school holidays
  • going to the child’s class teacher and offering help in school, if they have the time
  • attending parents’ evenings
  • bringing concerns or worries to the attention of staff or the Headteacher
  • using the correct procedures for dealing with issues that the school may need to investigate

The school’s expectations of its pupils

At Avonmore we believe:

Children are delightful when they:

  • walk around the school sensibly and quietly
  • listen to their teachers
  • listen to one another
  • listen to other staff and other adults
  • work together in the classroom
  • play together in the playground
  • take care of one another
  • have good table manners
  • say please and thank you
  • take care of their own property
  • take care of one another’s property
  • take care of school property

The school expects all members of the school community to :

  • have positive attitudes towards their work and others, in line with the Behaviour Policy
  • bring any concerns or worries to the attention of staff
  • all policies are available for Parents/Carers to read. Copies are available on the policies page and from the school office

We look forward to working with all Avonmore pupils to help them make the best start they can in their education career.