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School Council

Avonmore’s School Council is made up of two representatives from each class from Years 1 – 6.

Each child has been voted for by their peers in a democratic class election.

The role of the School Council members is to be the ‘voice of the school’ and to present the views of the children so that key decisions involve all stakeholders and so that our most important resource – our children – are involved in school life and decisions that affect them.

Responsibilities of the School Council include:

  • Leading assemblies
  • Organising and taking part in fund-raising events
  • Taking feedback from class members and sharing this at regular, weekly meetings
  • Involving their peers in decision making about, for instance, school attendance rewards and names of the school’s ‘houses’

The school’s Deputy Head leads the weekly School Council meetings and is their first point of contact should they wish to find out more.