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At Avonmore Primary School we aim to ensure that every child will be the best that they can be. We have high aspirations for all our children and our teaching matches the needs of every learner.

Avonmore school follows the National Curriculum and our Early Years Foundation Stage follows the appropriate guidelines for EYFS, including the use of Development Matters.

We use this to ensure that our curriculum is broad, balanced, engaging and stimulating and also to ensure that our children achieve the highest of standards in all subjects, including English and Maths.

At the heart of our curriculum lies Quality First Teaching, continuous and effective Assessment for Learning (AfL), high quality planning and a clear understanding of each child’s starting points.


We ensure that our coverage is in line with the National Curriculum and all our teaching is supported by the use of varied and appropriate texts.

We teach a balance of reading, writing, SPaG (Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar) and handwriting every week.

Reading is taught through the use of shared texts in English lessons and texts appropriate to individual ability during Guided Reading. The school uses a variety of reading scheme to teach reading until children become ‘free readers’ and are guided in the selection of appropriate books to read independently.

The school also uses JOLLY PHONICS, a systematic synthetic phonics scheme, to teach sound-to-letter correspondence and early reading skills.


From Reception to year 3, the school uses the Maths Mastery scheme which promotes the use of accurate mathematical vocabulary and the progression of skills from the use of concrete objects to pictorial representations right through to the abstract use of written algorithms. Maths Mastery will be taught to Year 6 by 2019.

Nursery follows best practice using practical activities, mark making and early written calculations and Years 4, 5 and 6 follow the National Curriculum guidelines for the teaching of maths (see EYFS policy for further details).

Other Subjects

All other subjects are taught during the afternoon using the National Curriculum as a planning tool.

PE is taught by specialist teachers as is our Modern Foreign Language of French.

Visits & Enrichment

All classes take part in at least one trip per term and, in addition to this, visitors attend the school to take part in workshops, assemblies and training.

The school offers after school clubs that run until 4:30 and there is the option of extended after school provision at a nearby school.

Curriculum Documents